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Alchemy glass. 

My art work is done in rare and untraditional technique - Stained Glass Painting. This are the paintings on the glass or Plexiglas. I’m using a special glass paints and acrylics. Why stained glass painting?... When I was in school of interior design, I was very impressed with the stained glass windows. But this kind of art has many limitations and difficulties in execution. When I learned about this special glass paint, I created my first stained glass painting. I was delighted by this technique! It shines and creates an amazing volume effect!

According to a chemistry, - “Glass – is a solidified liquid”. This great feature allows you to create a stunning art work and other interior items. Reflection of the sun creates an outstandingly rich and remarkable light effect of bright and unique blooming glass! 

Painting on glass is very unusual and incredibly beautiful form of art filled with a magical touch. Glass painting art is done with a special type of paints. This paints have an extreme water resistance , do not burn or fade and will not wear out!!!

Many images

Glass painting – is a hard work, that results in complete transformation of turning the regular glass into an amazing work of art. The surface is divided into a parts, like a mosaic puzzle, magnetically attracting an admiring glances. Without doubts, - the art stained glass pattern will transform any home into a very unique, comfortable and enlightened place.

«Ocean eyes » 24"X20"










«Inverted style» 16"X20"

«Final touch» 18"X24"

«Ocean moment » 10"X8"

«Sunrise» 11"X11" 

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